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101 Great Powerful & Underused WordPress Plugins

101 Wordpress Plugins

101-WordPress-Plugins-121212 Here’s a taste from my latest e-book. “101 of the Most Powerful, underused, Free WordPress Plugins” Get all 101 in the e-book, which includes links, pictures and descriptions.   #3 – External Links Force all external links to open in a new window. Add rel=nofollow to all […]

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Watch the parade of WorPress 3.0 downloads


Check out this counter. Screenshot: (Click to view LIVE counter) Stay tuned for plenty of WordPress 3 articles and tutorials around the web. There’s a lot of power in this latest release. Users familiar with WPMU will be more familiar with it’s abilities. I’m about to […]

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Auto-pilot WordPress blog is a Multi-User(MU) WordPress blog running multiple domains. This single Worpress MU installation runs about a dozen or more sites and domains. I set up the main site to run on autopilot, so there is no daily or weekly posting needed. Scripts and modules update the […]

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Google Maps API

Using Google Maps API, I built a network of sites for targeting organic traffic. The sites help visitors find travel distances between destinations and USPS post office locations.

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