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101 Great Powerful & Underused WordPress Plugins

101 Wordpress Plugins

101-WordPress-Plugins-121212 Here’s a taste from my latest e-book. “101 of the Most Powerful, underused, Free WordPress Plugins” Get all 101 in the e-book, which includes links, pictures and descriptions.   #3 – External Links Force all external links to open in a new window. Add rel=nofollow to all […]

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5 Tips for choosing your local business domain


Your local business domain name or website address is one of the key components in any SEO strategy. If you haven’t registered a domain name, here are a few tips to guide you in choosing one: Whatever domain name you choose, make sure it ends in .com. […]

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How to keep Google’s Human Reviewers Happy!

One of the real tests to maintaining your page 1 rankings for any particular keyword is being able to please Google’s human reviewers. With the top 3 ranking sites getting 80% of the user’s clicks, Google wants to make sure that they get quality information and therefore […]

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10 Keyboard shortcuts that I use

Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts. People often ask me how I do certain shortcuts, so I thought I might as well post up a few of my favorites. Most of us  know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing Control (Ctrl) + C on a PC to Copy a […]

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Apple Didn’t Kill Flash, HTML5 Did

Source: Mashable The battle over Flash and its role (or lack thereof) on the iPhone came to a head today when Apple CEO Steve Jobs published an open letter explaining why his company won’t support Flash on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen […]

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