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How to analyze your local business competitors

It’s important to understand the online marketplace for your products or services. After doing your keyword research to find the best keywords to use on your local business website, a very critical step is to analyze your competition for each of those keywords on the first page […]

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Best Webmaster in the Universe?


This is my experiment for a #1 position for “Best Webmaster in the Universe” If anybody cares to link back to this page, please do so. I’ll do a write up after this test concludes. – See Edit Use this code: Best Webmaster in the Universe […]

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Inbound Marketing Certificate

I’ll on this more post on this exam soon. I don’t agree with some of the questions/answers, so maybe some discussion is needed. more to come…

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Using 301 Redirects to point to new files

I recently rebuilt a site’s directory structure to hopefully help with German and French language indexing. The site was not getting good results for German and French users. Several things were done in this project; Rebuild Directories & files Add Meta data for languages redirect existing/indexed pages […]

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Free Google Rank Checker Tool for Firefox

If you haven’t been to before, go there now. Seriously. This is one of the best sites out there to learn about SEO, and they have great SEO tools to help you improve your website. Many of the tools are FREE like the Rank Checker Tool […]

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