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How to keep Google’s Human Reviewers Happy!

One of the real tests to maintaining your page 1 rankings for any particular keyword is being able to please Google’s human reviewers. With the top 3 ranking sites getting 80% of the user’s clicks, Google wants to make sure that they get quality information and therefore […]

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Flex/Flash Builder CSS Properties – Quick Reference

Use these code samples for styling Flex elements. I’ve listed most of the available elements, and you can edit, modify, and remove elements as you wish.   Application Application { backgroundColor: #869ca7; backgroundGradientColors: #9bafb9, #68808c; backgroundGradientAlphas: 1, 1; themeColor: #009dff; color: #0b333c; }   Buttons Button ( […]

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Watch the parade of WorPress 3.0 downloads

Check out this counter. Screenshot: (Click to view LIVE counter) Stay tuned for plenty of WordPress 3 articles and tutorials around the web. There’s a lot of power in this latest release. Users familiar with WPMU will be more familiar with it’s abilities. I’m about to […]

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Fontastic! A creative look at the letter “G”

ALPHABATTLE is an open contest to designers. There are no actual battles, no talkin’ trash, etc… just an opportunity to express yourself with Custom Letters among some like-minded peers. Make letters. Have fun.

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Free Google Rank Checker Tool for Firefox

If you haven’t been to before, go there now. Seriously. This is one of the best sites out there to learn about SEO, and they have great SEO tools to help you improve your website. Many of the tools are FREE like the Rank Checker Tool […]

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