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10 Keyboard shortcuts that I use

Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts. People often ask me how I do certain shortcuts, so I thought I might as well post up a few of my favorites. Most of us  know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing Control (Ctrl) + C on a PC to Copy a […]

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Flex/Flash Builder CSS Properties – Quick Reference

Use these code samples for styling Flex elements. I’ve listed most of the available elements, and you can edit, modify, and remove elements as you wish.   Application Application { backgroundColor: #869ca7; backgroundGradientColors: #9bafb9, #68808c; backgroundGradientAlphas: 1, 1; themeColor: #009dff; color: #0b333c; }   Buttons Button ( […]

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Redirecting visitors for multi-language sites

Here’s a script you can use on your home page to redirect visitors to the right language version of your site, based on their browser language settings. This assumes you have the English version of your site in the root level, and other languages in sub-folders; /fr, […]

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Best Webmaster in the Universe?


This is my experiment for a #1 position for “Best Webmaster in the Universe” If anybody cares to link back to this page, please do so. I’ll do a write up after this test concludes. – See Edit Use this code: Best Webmaster in the Universe […]

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Dreamweaver Wildcard

As part of my own personal cheat sheet, I’ll be adding a selection of code snippets and shortcuts. Here’s a bit of regex I use quite a bit in Dreamweaver for Find/Replace. The Dreamweaver wildcard: ([^<]*) Used in this example below to rename links in a page […]

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