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Best Webmaster in the Universe?


This is my experiment for a #1 position for “Best Webmaster in the Universe” If anybody cares to link back to this page, please do so. I’ll do a write up after this test concludes. – See Edit Use this code: Best Webmaster in the Universe […]

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Inbound Marketing Certificate

I’ll on this more post on this exam soon. I don’t agree with some of the questions/answers, so maybe some discussion is needed. more to come…

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Dreamweaver Wildcard

As part of my own personal cheat sheet, I’ll be adding a selection of code snippets and shortcuts. Here’s a bit of regex I use quite a bit in Dreamweaver for Find/Replace. The Dreamweaver wildcard: ([^<]*) Used in this example below to rename links in a page […]

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Using 301 Redirects to point to new files

I recently rebuilt a site’s directory structure to hopefully help with German and French language indexing. The site was not getting good results for German and French users. Several things were done in this project; Rebuild Directories & files Add Meta data for languages redirect existing/indexed pages […]

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Watch the parade of WorPress 3.0 downloads

Check out this counter. Screenshot: (Click to view LIVE counter) Stay tuned for plenty of WordPress 3 articles and tutorials around the web. There’s a lot of power in this latest release. Users familiar with WPMU will be more familiar with it’s abilities. I’m about to […]

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