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seo process tampaCan You Guarantee a Top 10 search engine position for ANY Keyword?

SCAM ALERT!  You should steer clear of companies promising you the top #1 spot. Some keywords are particularly difficult to achieve a top 10 ranking. Search engines also take into account the quality of your content and code your website offers – we review your website, keywords and industry competition prior to agreeing keywords AND before taking payment. We will be upfront and honest about what what we can achieve, and how you can expect results.

In short – we guarantee we can get you a TOP 10 placement for keywords, but based on selected keywords, time and expense will vary to achieve these rankings.

Forget top 10 – can you guarantee a #1 spot on Google?

No-one can make such a claim to guarantee you the first place in Google, for some sites it is an attainable goal depending on the amount of competition and which keywords you want to rank with. No SEO company has total control over where Google places sites in organic link listings. We can however guarantee your traffic will greatly improve and you’ll start getting more inquiries through your website.


Do You Offer Pay Per Click / Sponsored Results?

Yes. We offers services to provide and improve both ORGANIC and PAID(PPC) rankings for your web site.


Do You Need Access To My Web Site To Make On-Site Modifications?

In most cases, yes. If you know, or after a review, we find you need to make changes to the code and / or content on your website in order to achieve a TOP 10 Google Search position. If your site was already perfectly optimized you would probably already be high in the search engine results for your perfect keywords.

If your website is already perfectly optimized for your agreed upon keywords – no. All you need to order is our Rank Boosting / Link Building Package.


How Long Could It Take To be able to Secure a position on the first page of Google?

On average it takes 6 to 12 weeks to get TOP 10 search engine results for an internet site. But there are lots of factors which could affect this time line, for example – the age of your domain name, it’s Google Page Rank, the presence of privacy policy and customer service links and lots more. In some cases, to have a more lasting effect, a SEO project can take up to a year. In any case SEO maintenance should be an ongoing effort.

Will my website forever stay at the top of Google after you have achieved a TOP 10 search engine ranking?

It is very unlikely. As a business you should have an ongoing SEO plan. Once we have achieved a TOP 10 search engine placement for you, you should consider our cost effective SEO maintenance plans – which will keep you ranking in the TOP 10 – and probably keep you moving up as time goes on. Our customers usually experience movement into the top 5 after a short time on our SEO maintenance plan.


Is There A Long-Term Contract For This Service?

Not. Once we have achieved a top 10 Google rank for your web site, we are done. However, after that, without an SEO maintenance plan, your rankings are likely to fall back down to their previous positions.

There is no contract for our SEO maintenance plan – it is payable month to month.

The mobile website and marketing app plan is a minimum of a six month contract. This allows us to waive the setup and design fees, making it a more accessible feature for any business or non-profit business model.


Can you build an online store for my website?

Yes. Please complete our contact form for a detailed quote. We will need your website address and a rough idea of how many products you want to sell online.


Why do SEO Services cost so much? Isn’t this something I can do myself?

SEO isn’t a science, it’s an art, and it’s different for every site and type of business. An expert SEO consultant will likely spend more time on strategies to get your site seen and ranked than your web designer spent creating your site. To properly handle your internet marketing for your site could potentially require a full time employee! However, the cost of SEO and keeping your site optimized is far cheaper than most other print advertising sources and can provide terrific ROI.


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