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How to keep Google’s Human Reviewers Happy!

One of the real tests to maintaining your page 1 rankings for any particular keyword is being able to please Google’s human reviewers. With the top 3 ranking sites getting 80% of the user’s clicks, Google wants to make sure that they get quality information and therefore these top ranking sites will get manually reviewed by Google Staff.

What this means is that once your site hits those top positions, a Google staff member is going to open your website and manually read through your content to see if you are offering genuine and valuable information. This is a way to stop internet marketers from gaming the system to get high rankings yet having nonsensical content on their websites that doesn’t benefit the end user.

Here are a few tips to make sure your local business website aces this human review test:

1. Look like a real business. This may seem obvious to you, but there are so many people trying to make a dime online that you need to look as legitimate as possible to the human reviewer. They need to know that you are a real business so make sure you include details such as:

  • Your physical address – you may want to include a Google map
  • Your postal address
  • Your phone contacts
  • Your business accreditations to professional bodies

2. Have a well designed and organized layout  – This doesn’t mean you need to have a website design worth thousands of dollars, but you also don’t want your site to look cheap and spammy. Make sure you always include a privacy policy page, about us page and contact page. Organizing your content into categories is a good idea too such as services, products, menu, online shop etc.

3. Post real customer reviews and testimonials and have multiple posts about them. You can include photos, videos and excerpts from your customers.

4. Do not litter your website with too much commercial content such as advertisements. A good question to ask your self is- “If all the advertisements and ecommerce content was removed, how much content would be left for a visitor?”

5. Avoid the temptation to overstuff your keywords all over your website content in your titles, page URLs and article content. This will appear fake and spammy to the human reviewer.

6. Encourage genuine online participation on your website by allowing blog commenting or installing a forum as this shows that your website adds true value to users by providing them a place to communicate with you or others. It could be as simple as having a section where users can ask you questions about your niche. For example, if you run a plumbing service, you can have a blog forum where people can ask you questions about any plumbing issues they may be having problems with.


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