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Dreamweaver Wildcard

As part of my own personal cheat sheet, I’ll be adding a selection of code snippets and shortcuts.

Here’s a bit of regex I use quite a bit in Dreamweaver for Find/Replace.

The Dreamweaver wildcard:

Used in this example below to rename links in a page with a .php extension.

Dreamweaver Wildcard Search Replace

Dreamweaver Wildcard Search & Replace


Using regular expressions, use “([^<]*)”  in place of the content you want to find/replace.

Add $1 in the in the Replace box where you want to add your substitution.

([^<]*) is stored (use $1 to retreive in replace) [^"]* is unstored You can also do Find/Replace to recall multiple variables at once, like this: If you want to use multiple wildcards: ([^<]*) ([^<]*) ([^<]*) Use: $1 $2 $3

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